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Woodlands of the Dyfi Valley - Taster sessions PDF Print

Dates: September to December 2010

Location: Ty Gwyn, Forge and various schools

Client group: Years 5 & 6, adapted for years 3 & 4

Volunteers: volunteers were involved in many of the sessions to gain experience in outdoor education.

The Woodlands of the Dyfi Valley project was born following Dyfi Woodlands engagement with the Dyfi Biosphere Education Group. The Dyfi Valley has been recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve based on the unique natural and cultural heritage, and use of local resources.

Dyfi Woodlands gained funding to deliver 7 two day sessions to primary schools in the Dyfi Biosphere. We worked with 7 different classes, years 3, 4, 5 and 6,  from 6 schools in the area.

The sessions included one day in a woodland and one day in the classroom. The woodland session included using the senses to compare coniferous and deciduous woodlands and investigating the different woodlands as habitats. The classroom sessions included finding out about the properties of different types of timber, researching appropriate timber to build a house, and exploring woodlands in the Dyfi Biosphere on aerial photograph floor tiles.

Sessions linked to the ESDGC, geography, history, biology and design and technology curricula.

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