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Cwmpadarn Forest Garden PDF Print

Dates: September 2010 to April 2011

Location: Cwmpadarn Primary School, Llanbadarn Fawr

Client group: Primarily years 5 & 6, also included years 1 to 4. The wider local community will benefit as woodland has public access. 

Volunteers: volunteers were involved in many of the school sessions to gain experience in outdoor education. A series of volunteer days ran to carry out the practical work in the woodland.

Dyfi Woodlands were contracted to develop the woodland area at Cwmpadarn Primary school. This was specifically with the aim of improving access to the woodland in response to brambles that had grown over the paths, at the same time as developing the diversity and food production and engaging pupils and teachers in the process.

The project began with a consultation in which we found that children wanted less brambles, and a place for building dens, and they wanted to keep their chill-out area. Teachers wanted a bug habitat, a digging area for the early years class and improved compost area.

We delivered six sessions with the school which included:

  • Observing and mapping the woodland to show the gradient, trees and plant cover.
  • Learning about plant growth and investigating the elements.
  • Tasting and smelling different fruit and herbs to help decide which to plant in the woodland.
  • Putting all the learning together into a design for the woodland.

Once we had the design, we worked with groups of local and university volunteers to implement the plan – clearing brambles, creating and maintaining paths, improving the compost area and planting fruit trees, soft fruit and ground cover plants.

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