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Dates: Spring to Autumn 2010

Location: Ty Gwyn Woodland, Forge

Client group: Outside Education, home educating families

Volunteers: Parents volunteered in all sessions. Outside volunteers came to several sessions to gain experience in Forest School. A Forest School trainee delivered 6 of the sessions as part of their training.

Following on from the pilot project, the Outside Education group raised funds for a further 10 Forest School sessions, which they asked Dyfi Woodlands to deliver. The sessions were participant led, but were themed around understanding woodland ecology, learning about human relationships with and impact on woodlands and woodland products, and making a positive impact on the woodlands.

The sessions were attended by up to 25 children, aged 6 months to 14 years, and up to 20 parents, who were integrally involved in supporting and delivering parts of the sessions. Sessions included coppicing, green wood craft, habitats and wildlife, exploring freshwater, soil sampling, charcoal making, tree folklore and foraging.

By a fortunate coincidence a local person who was training as a Forest School leader volunteered on two sessions, and then led parts of the final six sessions as part of their training portfolio. This brought his fieldwork skills and many other brilliant ideas to the project.

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