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Supporting the Education Service at Dyfi NNR - 2012 PDF Print

DyfiNNR2012 title

Dates: March 2012 - October 2012

Location: Dyfi National Nature Reserve, Ceredigion

Client Group: Countryside Council for Wales

Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands in collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Technology delivered this contract for Countryside Council for Wales. The contract was to provide training and mentoring support for wardens at Dyfi National Nature Reserve delivering outdoor learning as part of the Dyfi NNR Education Service.

The education season of 2012 at Dyfi National Nature Reserve was a great success. With the return of three of the four summer wardens from the previous year the momentum of the education service was maintained and increased, further pushing up the standard of delivery to visiting groups.

The redevelopment of the existing Ynyslas Discovery activities, led by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands, into a flexible and cohesive set of activities differentiated for Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 proved a great improvement.  This will ensure consistency over the years for all Key Stages.

DyfiNNR2012The process of this redevelopment also proved a useful reflective tool for all the staff involved with the Education Service.  Suggesting amendments based on their experience has also led to the wardens gaining a sense of ownership over the activities and a desire to ensure their successful delivery.

The increased breadth of skills in the CDW and CAT partnership ensured a high quality of training for the summer wardens, offering extension to the returning members and comprehensive coverage of the differentiation required in delivering activities to a broad range of ages and abilities.

The number of schools visiting Ynyslas increased on the previous year and feedback (using the new school feedback forms) reflected the all-round improvements in resourcing and delivery. The mentoring process through the summer offered the wardens the chance to develop their delivery and group management skills with support from partnership staff before leading the later sessions on their own.

A highly valuable opportunity to review, amend and extend the Ynyslas and Cors Fochno resources at the end of the summer season sets a solid foundation for the continued success of the Education Service at Dyfi NNR in 2013.

The CCW Education Service at Dyfi NNR continues to take significant steps towards providing a strong all round bilingual package.  This has been achieved through strengthening the educational skill set of the wardens in 2011, the development of differentiated activities and resources in 2012, leading to the future consolidation of these using the Welsh language.  The combination of these facets to the Education Service will make the package highly accessible to schools from across Wales and beyond.

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