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Supporting the Education Service at Dyfi NNR - 2013 PDF Print

 DyfiNNR2013 3Dates: April - July 2013

Location: Dyfi National Nature Reserve, Ceredigion

Client Group: Natural Resources Wales

Dyfi National Nature Reserve provides a highly valued site for educational visits and staff development through a unique combination of education training, mentoring and delivery.

The Dyfi NNR Education Service offers a range of education activities for Foundation Phase through to 'A' level across its two main sites at Ynyslas and Cors Fochno, along with introductory talks for self led fieldwork groups.

The education training for wardens has been honed, by a partnership between Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands and the Centre for Alternative Technology, over recent years to offer a balanced combination of hands-on outdoor experiential learning and workshop based theoretical learning in order to lay a solid foundation upon which they can build their outdoor learning delivery.

With mentor support the wardens were quick to take a lead in delivering the activities. This proven collaborative approach was highly valued by the wardens and sets an example of good practice by Natural Resources Wales as a public body supporting the development of educational delivery skills in the conservation sector. Feedback from the wardens shows how highly they regard this opportunity to develop educational skills as part of their varied role at Dyfi NNR.DyfiNNR2013 2







The training was greatly complimented by a resource development day led by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands which allowed the wardens to consolidate and further their learning, while taking ownership of the resources used to support the educational delivery.

Over 3,700 learners visited the site over the summer of 2013, with 1,888 of these having educational contact time with Education Service. The warden team took on the educational element of their role with great professionalism and enthusiasm, delivering 48 sessions of the very well received Ynyslas Discovery activities. Visiting staff consistently returned exceptionally positive feedback, with comments such as this from a teacher at Castlecroft School exemplifying their response: DyfiNNR2013 4

The already robust set of Ynyslas Discovery activities have been further strengthened in 2013 with the re-writing of 'Plant Life', resource development for 'Dune Snap' and the development of an introductory activity 'Ynyslas from Above'.  All existing activity sheets have been translated into Welsh.

The Education Service at Dyfi NNR is setting a model of good practice for both staff development and educational delivery. With a strong framework of training and mentoring in place and a set of quality differentiated bi-lingual resources available, the provision of top quality education visits for schools from the Dyfi Biosphere, Wales and beyond is poised to continue in 2014.

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