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Science in Cycles - 2014 PDF Print

An Outdoor Learning Wales and Real World Learning Network funded projectHandModel04CMYK low res

Science in Cycles was an exciting and leading edge project that offered an opportunity to bring science learning into the open air through outdoor learning sessions in a woodland setting. The planning and delivery of the six day-long sessions was designed specifically to support positive thinking and action for sustainability through using the Real World Learning hand model .

This project involved collaboration on a local, national and international scale through Dyfi  Outdoor Learning Wales (OLW - outdoorlearningwales.org) partners led by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands working together in the planning and delivery, supported by the Field Studies Council (FSC - field-studies-council.org) in its role as the lead partner in the Real World Learning Network (RWL - rwlnetwork.org), a European network project.

The project used the key science concept of cycles to explore the interconnections between the learners, the natural world, the non-natural world, their communities and the global society - all core to developing the systemic thinking, intrinsic values and green competences that underpin sustainability.

The programme was run with the 'Outside Education' group, a well-established group of home educators from across Gwynedd, Powys and Ceredigion in Mid and North Wales. Each session was differentiated for three groups each facilitated by an outdoor learning practitioner. These groups fell nominally into Foundation Phase/Key Stage 1 (1-6 years), Key Stage 2 (7-11 years) and Key Stage 3 (12-14 years). Each of the sessions concentrated on one of the following six themes: water, rocks, nutrients, seasons, life and interconnection. Through these themes, and the activities designed to explore them, the sessions aimed to bring forward and embody the six elements of the RWL model.

The RWL model offered the structure and theoretical support for developing, delivering and evaluating the programme.  The six key areas of learning outlined as questions in the model were explored in different ways throughout the whole process.

To dowload a project case study or the project report visit the Real World Learning website here.

The full project report is also available pdfhere.




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